U.S. Policy in Afghanistan: Changing Strategies, Preserving Gains – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

NATO Training Mission Afghanistan

NATO Training Mission Afghanistan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the world focuses on President Trump’s NATO meeting, global think-tank Carnegie takes a hard look at US policy in Afghanistan. It concludes that to protect the integrity of the Afghan state, U.S. policy should aim to end the conflict in ways that mitigate the threats of terrorism, instability, and regional conflict.

Source: U.S. Policy in Afghanistan: Changing Strategies, Preserving Gains – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

US policy in Afghanistan was radically changed following the 911 terrorist attacks on the US mainland. But President Obama was committed to US troop reductions, rather than securing strategic goals. On his first overseas visit, President Trump will be watched carefully for changes in US defense and foreign policy. The tragic terrorist attack in Manchester, UK, reminds us that we still need the US as a global superpower and peace-keeper. In particular, it would be risky if the Far-Right elements supporting President Trump prevail and the US becomes more isolationist. There are signs that the Trump Administration will continue with its global reach. As the Carnegie article highlights, further retreat from Afghanistan could risk a new terrorist threat.


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  1. As Dr Alf may already know America already has 15 secret bases in Afghanistan fully staffed by XE special Forces,people from Executive Outcomes and other mercenary and special forces.
    Afghanistan is mineral rich ,particularly in Lithium so America is not going to abandon it,neither is China and India which have interests there such as the Aynak mine where China Metallurgical Corporation with its 350,000 Chinese mineworkers is extracting 3 trillion USD in copper and 3 trillion USD in lithium.
    Afghanistan is effectively occupied and will remain occupied for as long As the Taliban exists.
    The UK created the Interstate Services Institute in Pakistan modelled on our own MI6 and they in turn created the Taliban a word which means “scholar” but in reality means a different brand of Muslim lunatic.
    The Afghan poppy crop turns into Heroin and this mysteriously finds its way into Europe and America and represents about £300 billion GBP a week which underpins banks and the activities of Wall Street and a good deal of the inward investment into the UK via the City of London.
    Much of this is “arms length” activity with Mafia style criminal gangs being allowed to launder the money prior to infusion into the banking system.
    Thus the US Drug Enforcement Agency interdicts 10% of the drugs whilst the other 90% is priced to cover the “shrinkage” as if it was a retailer pricing goods for a department store.
    Afghanistan therefore serves 2 purposes and can expect to see the Taliban eliminated and tracked by drones,fighting and storming robots whilst the country remains occupied.
    ISIS will remain under pressure so it will look for soft targets in the UK as it did in Manchester on Monday.

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