US bound to lose supremacy in W.Pacific – Editorial – Global Times

Valencia and 14th, San Francisco

Valencia and 14th, San Francisco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a must-read editorial from China’s leading and outspoken newspaper, the Global Times. The article reports that the US will lose its position of supremacy in the Western Pacific in the long-run and the process, driven by multiple factors, will not be reversed, unless the whole US wants to tighten its belt.

US bound to lose supremacy in W.Pacific – Global Times

The article comments on the Trump budget that’s increasing military spending, funded by reduced public healthcare and withdrawing safety-nets for America’s poor.

This issue raises several issues for me, which I’ll pose as open questions:

  1. Why is it necessary for the US to increase military spending rather than raise the effectiveness of its existing spending?
  2. Don’t poor Americans have rights too?
  3. Why has Trump abandoned that Far-Right older whites, with poor education, down on their luck, yet who voted him into office?

In order to present a value-added perspective on the emerging news, I regularly scan the World’s leading newspapers. Today, many of the UK’s leading newspapers are leading on the the US intelligence leaks to the US media about sensitive data following the Manchester terrorist attack. Meanwhile, the front-page of the NYT has scary color pictures of the type of metal components that killed people in Manchester.

Surely, the Global Times editorial is right? The leads me to a fourth open question, ‘Has America lost her priorities, in favor of a privileged few?


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