Macron, May & Merkel: Will Europe’s childless leaders halt demographic decline? — Iben Thranholm – RT Op-Edge

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English: Russia Today logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Read this op-ed, written by danish journalist, Iben Thranholm, published in Russia’s RT. She explores the question, ‘What do Macron, May, and Merkel have in common, apart from their neatly alliterative names and being leaders of Europe’s largest nations’? She responds that they have no children but they are by no means exceptional in this respect with many European political leaders being childless.

Macron, May & Merkel: Will Europe’s childless leaders halt demographic decline? — Iben Thranholm – RT Op-Edge

The article blames the growing influence of feminism and that European politicians have not promoted the importance of traditional family life. Ominously, she warns:

Against this barren and infertile Western culture stands Islamic culture, which places emphasis on family and having many children. Muslim women take pride in saving their virginity until marriage in which they foster many children. Turkish President Recep Erdogan recently called for all Turks residing in Europe to have five children each. This will make the future of Europe yours, he declared.

The conclusion is chilling:

The infertility of European leaders is now reflected in self-destructive policies, globalism and mass immigration, instead of policies that promote children and families. Taxes and economic policy have been deliberately shaped to make it virtually impossible for any European household to manage on one income.

Perhaps, the politics of immigration needs to be broadened to include promotion of children and families?


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  1. As Dr Alf may remember the Japanese had to double the family allowance a few years ago to deal with their crisis and here in the UK male sperm counts are the lowest in Europe and the replacement rate just 1.88 when it needs to be at 2.4 for racial survival.

    Europe is not much better and with Muslims practicing invasion by war of the stomach and the Koranic instruction to go to “where unbelievers go and multiply until you outnumber them” we will experience what the Bible calls “The meek inheriting the earth”.

    Meek in old Hebrew means many not obsequious or humble.

    Erdogan wants to rebuild the Ottoman Empire and will succeed if our supine leaders do not wake up very soon.

      • That is true,however we in the West would not let them starve and as we speak Mrs Merkel is allocating houses which are empty to housing them and is converting old industrial buildings into flats.
        There is obviously a finite limit to this largesse but there are many people in Europe who argue as David Blunkett did in this country that there is “No logical upper limit” to immigration.
        I can remember visiting my late father’s village in 2012 which is not far from Brescia.
        That village had a total population of 3000 people but the head teacher and my aunt said that 1500 people were from elsewhere(ie clearly not Italian or even European) and that in the lo cal school the figure was closer to 65%.
        Pralboino is situated just 35 kilometres from Venice and the situation there is typical.
        Germany and France are bigger geographically but one can see the endgame and the trend if things proceed as they have done.

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