Trump’s budget assumes 3 percent annual growth. Why that’s extremely unlikely, explained. – Vox


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Vox takes a hard-look at US growth outlook and concludes that Trump’s budget assumptions are for the fairies.

Trump’s budget assumes 3 percent annual growth. Why that’s extremely unlikely, explained. – Vox

The thing is Trump is trapped by his own rhetoric. In the campaign trail, he promised 4% growth, which this article shows is totally speculative. But poor, white, less educated, unemployed, under-privileged people voted for Trump.

Trump is struggling on many fronts concurrently but what’s clear is that the prognosis for America is looking increasingly worrying. Trump can’t deal with the evidence because it challenges his credibility. Let’s hope that Trump does not look to Fascist leaders for inspiration.  Look at Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany.

For the moment, the checks and balances are still working. Perhaps the risk of impeachment will keep Trump in check?


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  1. The likelihood of impeachment won’t stop Trump because he has already appointed someone from the FBI plus high powered lawyers to help him fight impeachment.

    What may stop him is fatigue caused by an inability to get his own way at the speed he wants and a decision to step back and let his daughter Ivanka make the running in 2022.

    Then there is the question of World War,there is no doubt from all that I see and hear from people who know about these things that America is preparing for war(hence the budget cuts affecting the poor and dispossessed who voted Trump in in the first place).

    Likewise,the Peoples Liberation Army is being modernised,Trump is seeking more money from NATO,Russia is upgrading its forces.

    One hopes that the threat posed by rogue elements of the Muslim world such as ISIS,AL Qaida,Boko Haram,Al Shabab and the despotic regimes that finance them in the Gulf are the targets for all this activity but I fear that this is not the case.

    Dr Alf wonders what’s going on with Trump but I tend to think that powerful people are telling him what to do and are using him for their own purposes.

      • Commonsense must eventually prevail although the Vedic texts and the Hopi Indian Chronicles describe 4 world wars and graphic descriptions of early atomic bombs being used by combatants in Vimanas.
        There is one area in what is modern Bangladesh which was turned into fused glass by an atomic bomb 80,000 years ago.
        The fact that we are still here and that wolves,lynx and bears have returned to Chernbyl after less than 40 years gives me hope that humanity will prevail and then move outwards into space to other planets starting with Mars as the billionaire inventor Elon Musk seems to want.

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