Elections 2017: Poll tracker shows how Labour has steadily eroded Conservative lead | The Independent

This is a recommended read from the Independent. It reports that with less than three weeks to go until polling day, the Conservatives‘ lead over Labour has been steadily narrowing. The Independent’s poll tracker, which charts the overall trend by taking an average of all mainstream polls, shows Theresa May‘s party still commands a 10-point lead.

Source: Elections 2017: Poll tracker shows how Labour has steadily eroded Conservative lead | The Independent

Theresa May’s performance has been disappointing. Firstly, she released a Conservative Party Manifesto that was weak on detailed policy, uncosted and not risk assessed, designed simply to take seats from UKIP and Labour. Then when the manifesto was challenged in the media, she abandoned it with a U-turn – this is virtually unprecedented. Unlike, the late Lady Thatcher, Theresa May is not a conviction politician, she’s a short-term opportunist. More worryingly, the election has highlighted weaknesses in Theresa May’s leadership style.

The Conservatives look set to increase their lead in parliament but not spectacularly – this is because of Theresa May’s failings. Jeremy Corbyn by comparison has gone from strength to strength despite the widespread bias in the UK media.  Surprisingly, despite a good manifesto, the Liberal Democrats have not done well in the polls. Without Nigel Farage and a political platform, UKIP has been decimated, with support moving to the Tories.  It will be interesting to see the final results in Scotland.

Assuming that Theresa May returns to No. 10, as predicted, she should reflect very carefully and conduct a lessons learned exercise.  To be seen as an effective leader, she needs to seriously regroup her team, both in cabinet and personal advisors – she can’t continue to be seen to be ‘weak and wobbly’.

Any thoughts on how Theresa May will lose her ‘weak and wobbly’ mantra?



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