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English: Brussels, Belgium (Dec. 1, 2003) — Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld prepares for a NATO defense ministers meeting in Brussels, Belgium. Rumsfeld is in town for a two-day meeting which allied defense ministers will discuss expanding NATO’s mission. Department of Defense photo by Tech. Sgt. Andy Dunaway. (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf brings us an interesting take on NATO and the latest bombast from Trump.

Trump forgets that Europe is part of a global concentric ring of defence whose purpose is to defend America rather than Europe.

The second ring of defence is the 185 bases and propositioned sets of supplies which the Americans have surrounding Russia and China and the 3rd is its mobile and static weather warfare capabilities including its base in Antarctica.

The 4th capability is its Space Command run by the US Navy with futuristic craft and weapons 40 to 50 years ahead of what we are given to understand is possible. The 4th capability was built using money plundered from American taxpayers in the form of “Black Programmes” before and after the 2008 banking crisis.

Dr Alf will recall Donald Rumsfeld being questioned by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney about monies which had disappeared from the Pentagon budget amounting to 2.8 trillion dollars in one year and 1.9 trillion dollars in another. No explanation was forthcoming then and we are no wiser today.

Trump now wishes to recoup some of this cost from the NATO allies but the question then arises about these concentric rings of defence which are many times greater than America needs for its defence.

This buildup of forces has been going on for many years starting in 1947, with the de-Nazification of Verner Von Braun and Oberth plus the rest of the SS rocket scientists, running through Project Aurora, the work done on Die Glocke which escaped every attempt at destruction by Allied bombers in 1944 only to reappear in America some 40 years later in 1984.

President GW Bush ordered the secret development of a “Death Star ” weapon at the time he abrogated the ABM treaty and then ordered it to be prepositioned into deep space for deployment on what basis one can only guess at.

Trump with his dealmaking skills and knowledge of real estate lacks the proper understanding of what all this means and does not understand the bigger picture.

Whether Jared Kushner or his daughter do or many of the NATO countries leaders do is also questionable.

John Gelmini

Opinion – Jared under the bed?: Team Trump and the Russians | Blog – The Economist – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is right to be concerned, having a mercurial Trump is one thing but being in a situation where the man’s son in law is effectively running things behind the scenes with Trump’s older daughter at all key meetings as if she was a princess being groomed to be a future Queen is very wrong.

America fought its war of independence to be free of the rule of English kings in 1776, some 241 years ago but now we seem to have a situation in which missile strikes can be ordered by Trump after an ear bending by his daughter,and people can be sidelined, or even fired, on the say so of Jared Kushner.

This wouldn’t matter if we were dealing with a family business but we are dealing with a country that for the moment is the most powerful in the world and what seems to escape everyone is the fact that Trump was elected and his son-in-law and daughter were not.

Trump’s voters irrespective of wealth, or lack of it, voted for Trump not his family and his in-laws.
We who live outside of America want a “Leader of the free world” who can do the job alone without having his strings pulled by Jared Kushner, the Russians, his eldest daughter or anyone else. It is unseemly and dangerous for an US President for this to be the case and frankly what do any of know about Kushner or Trump’s daughter?

As Der Spiegel says with no holds barred and Dr Alf implies, who is the President? It looks like it is Jared Kushner and the power behind the throne Ivanka Trump with “The Donald” as little more than Mr Punch.

The question then is who controls Jared Kushner? Hopefully we will find out soon,and see the impeachment of Trump and his replacement with someone who knows what they are doing. America needs to regain her respect in the world.

John Gelmini