What’s gone wrong with the Conservative campaign? George Eaton – New Statesman

Here’s an excellent analysis from George Eaton, the political editor at the New Statesman. He argues that Theresa May‘s weaknesses and a lack of popular policies have driven the Tories backwards.

What’s gone wrong with the Conservative campaign?

Yesterday I arrived in London and talking about the general election over dinner with a number of natural Tory voters, the conclusion was that Theresa May had screwed up big time and the risk of a hung parliament or indeed a Corbyn coalition was more likely.

Many natural conservatives don’t want to vote for Theresa May but they do want a Conservative majority. Perhaps, a small majority would be best, so that May is held to account, and surgically removed in a coup if she’s still weak and wobbly. Surely, the UK can’t afford a weak and wobbly PM negotiating Brexit?



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  1. What’s wrong with the Conservative election campaign is that :
    1)Mrs May shouldn’t have called the General Election in the first place.
    2)Mrs May is boring ,uninspiring and tends to vacillate under pressure or hostile questioning.
    3) People are not happy to be told that Foreign Aid is to remain sacrosant whilst pensions and Adult Social Care are to be the subject to “difficult choices”.
    4)Mrs May has not subjected Jeremy Corbyn’s Manifesto and promises to proper costings or risk analysis so the less intelligent members of the public imagine that “Christmas has come early” for them.
    5) May’s ministers are equally lacklustre and her propensity for U Turns makes people see her as less than competent.
    Dr Alf should enjoy his time here but this General Election is as dull as ditchwater and likely to result in people getting even more fed up with politicians in general and with Mrs May in particular.
    I see her shelf life as very short as she lacks the mental toughness to “go the distance” or deliver or negotiate or fix the NHS.
    Conservatives should vote for her but not with a big majority,thus triggering the 1922 Committee into action to remove and replace May with someone who is up to the challenge.

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