Who should I vote for to keep the Tories out? Tactical voting guide for every constituency – Mirror Online

Struggling between May and Corbyn, then perhaps you should consider tactical voting? This is an interesting article in the Mirror. It tries to answer the question, ‘How to stop the Conservatives where you live – and make life difficult for Theresa May‘. It offers a simple prescription where you can work out how to make your vote count.

Who should I vote for to keep the Tories out? Tactical voting guide for every constituency – Mirror Online

My political views are well-known to regular readers of this blog (open link for more info). I’m conservative and have voted for the UK Conservative Party all my life. However, after deep reflection, I have decided to vote for the Liberal Democrats in Bath. Bath is a marginal seat, currently Conservative but it was Liberal for many years under Don Foster, an excellent politician.

I don’t rate Theresa May as a political leader and am deeply fearful of a complete fiasco in Brexit negotiations. When May called the election, I was one of the few people that argued that it was hers to lose – she’s made far too many mistakes and U-turns for me.

I know that the Liberals cannot gain power but I favor a radical centre in UK politics and the arrival of a UK Macron. For clarification, see this excellent article from the Economist,  Must Read – Please Share – The British election: The middle has fallen out of British politics | The Economist



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