General election polls: Latest tracker and odds – Daily Telegraph

The UK’s Daily Telegraph reports that the final general election polls – all published before polling booths open – have given a last minute boost to the Conservatives, after a Labour surge that saw the gap close dramatically.

Source: General election polls: Latest tracker and odds

Now we must see if the polls are right. But it’s important to remember how wrong they were on the Brexit referendum.

The Telegraph article provides us with some useful analysis to consider as the results start to unfold.

Once the dust settles in the days ahead, all UK political parties will need some serious reflection. Most critically, both the major parties, Conservatives and Labour need to reflect on their leadership and their policies.

My wife and I are deeply dissatisfied with Theresa May and shall be voting Liberal Democrat in protest. We would like to see a UK Macron emerge out of the ashes of the 2017 election


2 responses

  1. In the cold light of day and reality waverers will come back into the fold and vote Conservative because the prospect of confiscatory land taxes will concentrate minds in London and the SE/East Anglia.

    People know too that the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn negotiating with the likes of Merkel, Juncker, Macron, Trump, Xi Jin Ping and Vladimir Putin is inconceivable.

    Rabble rousing with Millennials and the great unwashed is one thing but running the country is another.

    Tim Farron and Vince Cable are two earnest and likeable people and May is brittle, slow to make decisions and incapable of strategic decision making.

    She is not really up to the job but in that sense I am voting for the Conservatives on the basis that they will see sense and replace her later whereas Dr Alf and Mrs Oldman want to put “A shot across her bows” to register their displeasure, acute disappointment and despair at Mrs May and as a signal to Conservative strategists to change the captain A.S.A.P.

    I suspect Mrs May will win but not by the massive landslide she smugly predicted and that the Labour Party will split into a new left of centre party where George Osborne will get his revenge.

    After that the Conservatives will have to up their game particularly when the next ISIS attack comes which it surely will once people have forgotten about Borough Market and the summer holidays come.
    Conservative strategists will then be forced to look at May and consider whether she can “Go the distance”, particularly if BREXIT talks deliver little or nothing or she tries to backslide under pressure.

    • John, thanks for sharing your views.

      We now have the benefit of the results and the analysis.

      The Conservatives are arguing that despite losing their majority, they still did pretty well. But they totally missed the power of Corbyn and his Far Left support machine, especially in relation to young voters.

      Whilst I was in the UK, I was amazed at the attitude of traditional Conservative voters – they were afraid and caught in the headlights, not looking the evidence.

      After Corbyn’s strong result, I sense that a Red Socialist breakaway is less likely. As for the Red Conservatives, I think they’ll try to bring down May before breaking away.

      Some very dark days ahead

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