Opinion – Theresa May’s failed gamble – Leader – The Economist

Here’s an outstanding and historic lead from the Economist. It argues that the Conservatives’ botched campaign will bring both chaos and opportunities.

Source: Theresa May’s failed gamble

The Economist highlights three massive emerging crises for the UK:

  1. Chronic political instability
  2. Economy heading for the rocks
  3. Economic & political risks, triggered by Brexit negotiations

Clearly, Theresa May’s minority government is doomed to failure. May is a lame-duck and speculators will start to bet against the UK, so long as May continues in power.

The Conservatives Party elected May and precipitated the three crises – they are also responsible for facilitating Jeremy Corbyn‘s outstanding election performance. BUT the Conservatives will be seriously scared of risking another election, deeply fearful of a Corbyn’s Labour Party being victorious.

The problem for the Conservatives is that the risk of the three crises will multiply with a lengthy election of a new leader. It’s also hard to see how a potential new leaders could serve effectively in May’s cabinet short-term. Although the Economist favors the emergence of a radical centre party, headed by a UK Macron, that would further compound the aggregate risk.

The critical questions are:

  1. When should May go and should she resign or be removed’?
  2. Is it time for the head of the 1922 Committee to have a quiet word with May?