What if the bitcoin bubble bursts? – Economist


This is a must-read for those interested in Bitcoin news. One of the world’s top publications, the Economist looks at the risks. Thee Economist explores the question, ‘Is the latest frenzy like tulipmania, a gold rush or the dotcom boom’?

Source: What if the bitcoin bubble bursts?

Reading between the lines, the smart money’s moving on, there’s speculative bubble activity which could hurt party later-comers but the technology is sound. So the prognosis is typical for a bull-run, ‘buy on the downturns and look for bargains’.

But this is more for speculators and gamblers. If you’re a balanced investor make this a small part of your portfolio that you can afford to lose. Caveat Emptor – let the buyer beware?


Under-strain NHS fails to ensure cancer patients seen quickly enough | Society | The Guardian

NHS Job Shop: "Working for Health" i...

NHS Job Shop: “Working for Health” in Kentish Town. Closed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an evidence-based article, the Guardian highlights the deteriorating crisis of UK healthcare for cancer treatment. It reports that hospitals miss two-week target for seeing specialist for only second time since records began, as delays in treatment rise

Source: Under-strain NHS fails to ensure cancer patients seen quickly enough | Society | The Guardian

This is worrying news. This is over and above UK cancer outcomes being worse than other advanced countries like France and Germany.

Clearly, the NHS is deteriorating significantly.

Many would throw more money at the NHS but the historic record of this under Labour governments highlights that the increased budgets are squandered on inflationary pay settlements rather than improved care.

The Conservatives meanwhile offer more austerity and little hope, with Theresa May as their weak and wobbly leader.

Surely, people deserve better cancer treatment, most having paid taxes all their lives?