May’s two chiefs of staff quit as she tries to placate the Cabinet | Coffee House

This is a brilliant analysis from the Spectator. It reports that Theresa May’s two chiefs of staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill have resigned. It argues that the pair have good claim to be the most powerful special advisers in British political history, their hold on Mrs May was even greater than that of Alastair Campbell and Jonathan Powell on Tony Blair.

Source: May’s two chiefs of staff quit as she tries to placate the Cabinet | Coffee House

There are some real mainstream nuggets in this article. Most importantly, the view that Tories prefer to prop up ‘weak and wobbly’ May because they are afraid of losing an early election.

This brings me to a couple of reflections of my own.

Firstly, I was shocked at May’s campaign strategy. It was like a three hundred year old set piece battle in the digital age of thought sensory armaments. Secondly, I endorse Steve Hilton‘s view about acting on data and hard intelligence. I sense that May’s stubborn personality prevailed over evidence based analysis – if true, these are potentially dangerous times, relying on a mortally wounded May, fronting the UK government.

Secondly, my Machiavellian  instincts have kicked in and I’m looking for the power. Clearly, May has no power – she’s a puppet, perhaps a bit like Jeremy Corbyn? Are we about to watch a new political satire? Instead of puppets Punch and Judy, it will be ‘Jeremy and Theresa’? Well, we all know, or are fairly confident, that shadowy Far Left radicals are pulling Jeremy Corbyn’s puppet strings. But what of May?

Well, it’s probably too early to call. Power needs to be three-fold. Firstly, there will be a need to stand up to May in cabinet and sway others. Secondly, there will be a need to have support from other Conservative MPs. I’m not sure if Conservative Party members views will count for much because they will be struggling to understand Corbyn’s meteoric success. Thirdly and most importantly, he/she will need to appeal to young voters who were swayed by Corbyn’s Pied Piper tunes – this is the real wild-card.

It’s early days but I’d expect Boris Johnson to start flexing his political muscles in Cabinet very soon. He’s a maverick, a wild-card, Pro-Bexit, unpredictable and often unscripted but he’s a big beast, a real bruiser and particularly photogenic.

So how do we expect the satirical political puppet show, ‘Jeremy and Theresa’ to end?



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  1. As Dr Alf will know and remember well you cannot negotiate anything unless the people on the other side of the desk know that you are serious, have longevity, have support and credibility and can ratify the deal once agreed. May is none of these things and Lord Heseltine told Robert Peston this morning that her days were numbered.

    In reality this means by the end of the summer she can make the journey to junctions 8/9 on the M4 or be dispatched to Maidenhead railway station and political oblivion.

    The DUP already want more money for Northern Ireland, no dementia tax, the retention of the triple lock on state pensions and they want Mrs May gone as the price of their support.

    May is as I said this morning and George Osborne said using the same words by coincidence,”A dead woman walking”.

    The Brexit talks begin in 10 days time so while David Davis and his officials can start them someone has to be capable of ratifying them.

    Boris does have telegenic appeal to youngsters and older voters and has charisma but we would need to see him surrounded by wiser, older heads.

    Perhaps lower down in the ranks a star is in the making but either May needs to stay until this new person is appointed or the Brexit preliminary talks start a week or so later to allow more time for the 1922 Committee to find the right person.

    The other solution is to make David Davis interim Prime Minister and allow other candidates to emerge and let them run against him until a winner (perhaps him), steps forward.

    Abolishing the House of Lords, BBC privatisation and the selloff of Channel 4 would raise money and remove a lot of left wing opposition once the House of Lords had been reformed as a 200 person Senate.

    Changing trades union laws to outlaw strikes in essential public services would weaken the power of Len McClusky and those running the postal unions and the train drivers unions who support Momentum,the power which bankrolls Jeremy Corbyn.

    Boundary changes should be next up with 449 MP’s culled,further savings and Labour’s inbuilt 11% advantage within the electoral system eliminated forever.

    • John, thanks for your comments here. It looks like shadowy influences in the Conservative Party prefer to keep Theresa May in place for the moment. Perhaps they are more concerned about preserving pressures for a hard Brexit than what is in the UK’s best interests. Young people can are tired of Brexit and Labour have mobilized these young people into a political force.

      Most of all, the Conservatives are frightened of the need to call another election because they realize that unless they seriously up their game, they could be out of power for a generation

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