Who could replace Theresa May? The PM’s likely successors – Sky News

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s an excellent analysis from Sky News, looking at the candidates for replacing lame-duck prime minister Theresa May.

Source: Who could replace Theresa May? The PM’s likely successors

As I reflect on this list, I regretfully conclude that there’s no obvious candidate capable of ticking all the boxes for me.

But I suggest that Tory MPs need to reflect very carefully because their own political futures are at risk.

How is it possible that the Conservatives have plummeted from widespread public support to a lame-duck government? Yes, a large part of the blame must go to Theresa May and her advisors. May too must go and quickly, otherwise there’ll be further damage to the Tory brand. Read the mainstream press or social media, May is toxic right now.

More importantly Tory MPs must look to the spectacular rise in Jeremy Corbyn‘s political fortune. Critically, the Labour Party appeals to young people – they see the Conservative Party as the party for older, wealthy home owning voters. The Labour Party had clear and robust policies – the Conservative Party Manifesto 2017 was full of waffle and uncosted, risk assessed, etc., disgraceful stuff.

Too many Conservative MPs are preoccupied with Brexit to the exclusion of the future of the party. Conservatives must be ready to be bold and revolutionary, appealing to young voters, and ready to soften their demands on Brexit.

However, I fear that Conservative MPs will be too slow to wield the knife. But more critically, I sense that they will choose another trusty rather than a winner.

It’s time to reflect on the ideal profile of the next Conservative Party leader. Any thoughts and favoured candidates?


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  1. A “winner” in terms of appealing to the young would be Boris Johnson; Amber Rudd is a walking disaster; Ruth Davidson should be in the Cabinet doing something; and maybe there is a “diamond” waiting to be polished in the more junior ranks.

    Like Dr Alf, I worry about the lack of choice and the Conservative party’s lack of tenacity.

    Like a boxer, who has been knocked down, it really must channel whatever “inner Rocky Balboa” it has and get up off the mat at speed rather than nursing its injuries and feeling sorry for itself.

    The “safe pair of hands ” candidates are no longer safe because the political landscape has changed with the young, the dispossessed and the impoverished elderly demanding better and more equal treatment, and the Conservatives providing no proper answers and refusing to consider proper remedies, especially the continuation of foreign aid and the Barnett Formula.

    People are not being prepared for the effects of AI and automation by being re-skilled but are being lied to as if nothing had changed.

    May has to go as part of a programme of demonstrating that the Conservatives are listening and are prepared to clear out dead wood and useless ministers have to be seen to be replaced with competent/efficient ones.

    • John, you make sound points and I tend to agree with you.

      Personally, I feel that there’s a need for radical reform in the Conservative Party, otherwise it risks being out of power for a generation.

      My sense is that black forces in the party are being totally focused on a Hard Brexit, at the expense of both the best interests of the country and the party’s future.

      Let’s face it the outlook is indeed bleak with a Brexit disaster and years of left-wing Labour government

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