Conservative Cabinet ministers: Who’s who in Theresa May’s top team? | London Evening Standard


Here’s a good article from the Evening Standard, edited by George Osborne. It reports that following last week’s surprise election result and a weekend of scrutiny for Theresa May, the determined Prime Minister has set up her new Cabinet and pledged to “get on with the immediate job”. It adds that after the snap election left Mrs May leading a minority government, her subsequent loss of authority and apparent weakness within the party meant many people were left in their existing roles. Finally, it suggests that notable surprises include appointing Damian Green as First Secretary of State – essentially her deputy – and bringing back Michael Gove who was unceremoniously sacked by May last year.

Source: Conservative Cabinet ministers: Who’s who in Theresa May’s top team? | London Evening Standard

Essentially, the cabinet is now controlling Theresa May. She has been forced to adopt a more collegiate style of leadership that does not suit her personality.

The article is worth a view as in all probability it features the next leader of the Conservative Party.

It’s early days but I’d expect Boris Johnson to start flexing his political muscles in Cabinet very soon. He’s a maverick, a wild-card, Pro-Bexit, unpredictable and often unscripted but he’s a big beast, a real bruiser and particularly photogenic. But Johnson must be very careful not to blot his copybook, in public anyway. He needs to be seen to let Theresa May fall on her sword, rather than be stabbed in the back.



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