Economists urge May to accelerate Brexit plans – the Telegraph


Citing economists, the Telegraph warns that Theresa May must start Brexit talks as soon as possible and prove she is making progress with the EU if she wants to restore confidence among British businesses.

Source: Economists urge May to accelerate Brexit plans

Whilst the article makes good points, it is obvious that May’s team is weakened in its negotiating hand with the EU. So delays or concessions are likely, precipitating falling confidence from British businesses.

It will be interesting to see how UK Chancellor, Philip Hammond, responds in the coming weeks, as speculators take a hard look at the UK


One response

  1. I think there are serious problems with this.
    David Davis the Chief Brexit negotiator was the one who persuaded May along with Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill to go for an early election.
    Sir Lynton Crosby warned that the poll lead of 20 points was “soft” and nearer to 10% but May,Davis et al rushed in like the Gadarine Swine and we all know what happened to them.
    The EU will see May as a hologram with a limited lifespan with a death sentence hanging over her and Davis as a man with flawed judgement on borrowed time(May’s replacement may not wish to keep him).
    The reshuffled Cabinet has the whiff of death about them so it is time for a new leader and a clean sweep.

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