Please share – General Election 2017, factchecked – The UK’s Independent Fact Checking Charity

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...

English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Get the full account of how ‘Full Fact’ fact-checked the election.

Source: General Election 2017, factchecked – Full Fact

In a world readily embracing the Far Left and Far Right, for whom the end justifies the means, there’s an urgent need for truth and integrity, supported by hard evidence, viz. facts. Populism and corrupt political leaders excel in false news but like any cancer it must be neutralized.

David Cameron and Theresa May have brought the UK almost to her knees with the world mocking a weak and wobbly government. Politicians and the media have been economic with the truth but social media has started to balance the books with powerful influence.

The UK’s Independent Fact Checking Charity does an outstanding job. Please support them by:

  1. Sharing this blog with your network
  2. Looking at their data and citing it in your arguments
  3. Use social media citing the facts quoting the source
  4. Making a charitable contribution
  5. Always asking for the evidence

Remember integrity and truth still matter.


The psychological benefits of sadness | World Economic Forum

This is an excellent read from the WEF. The article explores the theme that it’s time to re-assess the role of bad moods in our lives.

Source: The psychological benefits of sadness | World Economic Forum

The article is easy to read and summarizes clearly scientific evidence in relation to sadness and concludes:

These findings suggest the unrelenting pursuit of happiness may often be self-defeating. A more balanced assessment of the costs and benefits of good and bad moods is long overdue.

As a reasonably serious person, I have often been fascinated by the superficial pursuit of happiness in modern society. Take for example, the joker who likes to make others laugh – this is important but conversely life’s not a joke for many, especially now. Another example of false happiness comes from alcohol and drugs but there are side effects.

Conversely, real happiness comes from sharing positive experiences with friends and family and from doing the things that we enjoy doing or achieving our goals.

Of course, the media and the advertising industry is trying to manipulate our happiness levels too. If we’re taken in by some adverts, eating junk-food, drinking alcohol and smoking will make us happy.

Perhaps, as well as understanding sadness better we should explore false happiness too?