The true cost of Germany′s cheap food | DW Environment | DW | 13.06.2017


This is a really insightful article from Germany‘s DW. It reports that German researchers say food prices must rise substantially to take account of the environmental cost of industrial agriculture. However, it cautions that although discount supermarkets take the blame, they cater to consumers’ cheap tastes.

Source: The true cost of Germany′s cheap food | DW Environment | DW | 13.06.2017

Whilst the article is targeted at Germany, the findings are generalizable for other advanced countries.

Simply, the prevailing focus on cheap food is neither healthy nor environmentally friendly. The article highlights that a few discerning customers are ready to pay more, either for quality or supporting the environment.

But most consumers, I suggest, want to continue with cheap food to preserve their other life-style options. This impacts healthcare costs and the environment for future generations.

So what will it take for us all to become green?


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