Theresa May’s Weak and Wobbly Outfit – The New York Times

Here’s an outstanding analysis from Ronald Cohen, published as an op-ed in the NYT.

Theresa May’s Weak and Wobbly Outfit – The New York Times

Sadly, at times it’s necessary to leave the bias of the British mainstream media and look overseas for effective representation of evidence and unbiased analysis.

I challenge you to read the NYT article very carefully, reflect on the implications and decide whether a weak and wobbly government is in the UK’s national interest ahead of Brexit negotiations.

So what are the options open to the UK, given that Brexit is at the heart of the issue?

Here’s my strawman:

  1. Replace May with another Conservative leader, probably triggering election
  2. Minority government with support from Northern Ireland
  3. Kick Brexit down the road with an interim deal that keeps options open

Thoughts please?

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