It’s not unthinkable that the UK could remain in the EU – New Statesman

In an important article in the New Statesman, it argues that as Brexit softens, the full-fat Remain option could start to look awfully attractive.

Source: It’s not unthinkable that the UK could remain in the EU

The article looks at the political forces impacting Brexit where a softer option seems to be gaining favour quickly. However, as the costs and benefits start to be clearer, the integrity of the whole Brexit project will be again up for scrutiny.

For the moment, it’s politically correct to respect the Brexit referendum result. But given the catastrophes that are hitting the UK at the moment, it’s possible that a new national event will precipitate a major reversal.


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  1. Interesting article and good question, thanks. I keep thinking Labour made a serious mistake in the last elections: They should have picked the Remain camp and thus voters would have been given a real choice. As is, there was no difference between Corbyn and May on one of Britain’s most divisive issues in decades. And thus Labour lost a good opportunity to beat the Tories, because nobody liked May! But Corbyn was the wrong person, too much to the left, he distrusts NATO, never liked the EU and loves Putin…And those things kept coming to the fore, making it hard for people to decide how to vote.

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