Momentum’s grassroots democracy can make Labour an unstoppable force | Rachel Shabi | Opinion | The Guardian

I am deeply concerned about this op-ed article in the Guardian. The article shares that Momentum, the campaign group has already been broadening its activities beyond the traditional political realm to social issues such as food banks.

Source: Momentum’s grassroots democracy can make Labour an unstoppable force | Rachel Shabi | Opinion | The Guardian

I worry that the traditional socialialist, UK Labour Party, was hijacked by Far-Left fanatics for whom the end justifies the means. The Far Left like the Far Right are not above violence, together with suppression of the truth – policy is not about evidence, it’s about promoting the interests of sponsors and leaders. I always remember trying to explain the concept of ‘radical change’ to a Russian colleague at UNESCO, Paris – he replied, ‘Ah, you mean revolution?’

The Guardian article contains zero evidence and is full of biased opinion.

I have grave misgivings about Momentum and their motivation. Are the leaders of Momentum who are underpinning the Labour Party revolutionaries?


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  1. Dr Alf is right to be worried because the hallmark of Momentum is entryism and a desire to reverse trades union legislation plus a desire to let town halls be filled with left wing apparachiks who in the past bled small shopkeepers and businesses dry.

    Margaret Thatcher didn’t introduce the Right to Buy Council Houses for nothing she saw what her father had to deal with in Grantham where she grew up.

    Her programme was designed to stop profligate local authorities spending money they didn’t have which is why she prevented local authorities from spending any of the proceeds of sale.

    Even Blair only let them spend 25% of the money.

    Trades Union bosses like Len McClusky want this levelling down process to continue with rent controls on private landlords and a “land tax” to transfer money from London ,Cambridge and SE England to freeloaders in Scotland,Wales,Cornwall and the North of England.

    These people need to be helped not by transfer payments but by a rising tide of export led growth and greater self sufficiency in the form of new micro business creation,crowdfunded startups and systems building.

    The 1970’s brain drain and a good part of my reason for living and working in America was policies like those proposed by Momentum which led to the bankruptcy of the country ,the arrival of the IMF and the bailout of the country by the Sultan of Brunei at the urging of Margaret Thatcher.

    Those behind Momentum are one of the “enemies within”,the BBC and Channel 4,the House of Lords represent their not so secret cheerleaders and those who think that there is a “free lunch” to be had without work,study,effort or sacrifice represent the “useful fools” of the 21st Century.

    In the past Trades Union leaders like Jack Jones were “run” by the KGB in the form of people like Oleg Kalugin now one cannot be sure about who is behind Momentum but whoever it is they are much cleverer than May and her Cabinet which does not bode well for the future.

    The fact that no-one in the media including the BBC and the Guardian has looked into Momentum’s funding is not an accident because if it was done we would all know what we were really dealing with.
    I have my own thoughts on this but until one can link the money to individuals who seemingly have no connection with the phenomenon the job of “dot joining” is difficult.

    That said the clues will come when these funders make mistakes.

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