Death of Brexit at the Hands of Theresa May – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Here’s an outstanding must-read article from Spiegel, perhaps Germany’s most influential paper. Spiegel argues that Europe used to have a fearful respect of the Tories but those days have long since passed. Now, it argues, the weakened party may have accidentally killed off Brexit, a pet project that most party leaders didn’t want in the first place.

Source: Death of Brexit at the Hands of Theresa May – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Personally, I’m old enough to remember the day when Margaret Thatcher came to power. I was on a business trip to the Silicon Valley, California at the time, and I celebrated with a red-Indian colleague! Also, I remember getting on a plane from Switzerland in the seventies and a Swiss lady in the next seat asked me where I was from – when I answered that I was a Brit, she replied acidly, ‘You poor thing, how terrible, with all those strikes!’

John Gelmini and I both left the UK in the seventies to find our way in the world, knowing that opportunities were blocked in the UK.

Margaret Thatcher was my local MP for a while and I’m proud to say that I met her at a Conservative Party function. Unlike now, there was a time when Conservative politicians talked of convictions and public service.

As this blog has argued, there were faults with Thatcher and Reagan’s raw neoliberalism but they were years of spectacular national growth too. I had hoped that David Cameron might be a compassionate neoliberal but he proved too weak. We know that Conservatives have a liking for blood, perhaps it’s a time for a knife in May’s back?

BUT there’s an elephant in the room, namely that ‘no Brexit’ is preferable to Soft Brexit?


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