Opinion – Electoral victory will make France’s president a potent force – Economist

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English: Logo for The Economist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tired of May and Corbyn, then Britain needs a radical centrist, like Macron. The Economist warns that whilst electoral victory  will make France’s president a potent force, he will still have to face down a challenge from the street.

Source: Electoral victory will make France’s president a potent force

If Macron is able to reform France, he will succeed where left and right wing presidents have failed in the past. France is a wealthy country but large parts of it are in decay. There are the fortunates and the unfortunates.

The UK has very different challenges to France but they too threaten a powerful and wealthy country. Sadly, the scars are evident from news of the devastating loss of life from a London high rise, a failed social housing project.

Politics in the UK is deeply polarized. On the one hand May’s weak and wobbly government panders to the support of right wing MPs ready to press for a hard Brexit, even if it destroys the popularity of the party for a generation because of the resulting relative poverty. On the other hand, the traditional Labour Party, proudly supporting socialism has been hijacked by shadowy far-left radicals who are pulling Jeremy Corbyn‘s puppet strings. For both the Far Left and the Far Right, the end justifies the means, including violence, persecution of minorities, false news, pandering to populism but supporting the narrow bigoted agenda of leaders and sponsors. Simply in the UK’s case, a radical left-wing government would precipitate a revolution.

It’s not enough to say that May’s preferable to Corbyn. Both offer trajectories with deep downside risks and very limited upside opportunity. Throw in technology change and the outlook for the UK is dire.

Sadly, the Liberal Democrats offer little hope, with their leader having resigned this week.

The right of the Labour Party and the Left of the Conservative have produced some outstanding political leaders.

So how will Britain’s radical centre be spawned? Is there a British Macron on the horizon?


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