Opinion – Big business leaders press Theresa May to rethink hard Brexit | Politics | The Guardian

The Guardian reports that senior figures from across industry saying that PM did not secure mandate in election to leave the single market.

Source: Big business leaders press Theresa May to rethink hard Brexit | Politics | The Guardian

Today, Chancellor, Philip Hammond, is expected to paint the case for a softer Brexit. But Monday morning the Brexit talks start with the three stooges (Davis, Fox and Johnson) pressing for a hard Brexit, the current government policy. [I thank John Gelmini for the term, ‘the three stooges’].

Meanwhile, the national mood in the UK has changed. Rataining jobs is more important than Theresa May’s asenine immigration targets. The UK people are tired of austerity and collapsing public services – sadly, the evidence is vivid. Jeremy Corbyn and his radical left wing supporters have captured the national mood and are a potent force. But people need reminding of the false promises of Farage, Johnson and Gove.

Remember that Corbyn’s supporters are not interested in Brexit, they’re interest in bringing down the Tories – and if the revolutionary radicals, now members of the Labour Party, gain sway, the UK will quickly become a second Greece.

Common sense must prevail. Big business and ordinary working voters are on the same side. This week, we can expect cabinet ministers to start briefing against each other.



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