Opinion – Revealed: How Theresa May aides seized control of Tory election campaign | Joe Murphy – London Evening Standard

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English: Evening Standard Van Mercedes-Benz Sprinter at Kilburn London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a brilliant, must-read article by Joe Murphy in the London Evening Standard. It reports that shortly before the general election was called, Sir Lynton Crosby sat down to write a highly confidential memo for Theresa May’s inner circle. It suggests that it boiled down to a simple piece of advice: “Don’t do it.” “Lynton pleaded, ‘Do not do this, do not call the election!’”. Citing a senior figure involved in the Tory campaign “He thought international politics were too unsettled, the risks were too great.”

Source: Revealed: How Theresa May aides seized control of Tory election campaign | London Evening Standard

The article provides an amazing insight into Theresa May’s ineffective leadership and judgement.

It describes how a number of heavy-hitting cabinet ministers were sidelined by May’s aides. But these same ministers are still in place, with May’s aides fired. To be candid, May must have few political friends these days. With a minority government and trying to stitch an unpopular alliance with Northern Iseland’s DUP, May is fire-fighting on a daily basis. Her performance at the scene of the London highrise was disgraceful – Conservatives know that she’s ‘toxic Theresa’. But it’s strange that the shadowy Far-Left supporters of  Jeremy Corbyn‘s Labour Party are more focused on taking May down than the Conservatives. Let’s face it, the Conservatives are most afraid of an early election and losing to Labour.

But the Brexit negotiations will also signal the start of campaign for a new Conservative Leader. Philip Hammond now has a chance for his moment in history – against the government’s declared policy, Hammond will champion the case for a softer Brexit. Hammond will have the support of big business, working people, Tory grandees and expert opinion. So we should expect a strong reaction from the three Brexit stooges (Davis, Fox and Johnson) and don’t be surprised when Farage rises from the ashes.

Coming soon, in the UK, ‘Far Left’ Vs. ‘Far Right’ and the emergence of a British Macron?


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