Phillip Hammond damns the Maybot with faint praise | Politics Sketch | John Crace – The Guardian

In his political sketch in the Guardian, John Crace argues that the chancellor didn’t skewer the PM with the reckless abandon of his predecessor, but he was equally devastating, citing the Marr and Peston shows.

Source: Phillip Hammond damns the Maybot with faint praise | Politics | The Guardian

Having seen both the Andrew Marr and Peston interviews I think that John Crace has colored the evidence or certainly read more into it.

Hammond handled himself quite well, much more comfortable on Brexit than responsibility for the London tower block inferno. He Hammond came across with logic and sincerity, not obviously dodging questions like Theresa May.

On Twitter, John McDonnell, the Labour Shadow Chancellor tweeted:

Embittered Hammond in bizarre leadership bid touring TV studios launching full frontal attack on May.Government falling apart in front of us

My conclusion is that over the next few weeks, I suggest that we need to examine evidence carefully and take multiple soundings of events.


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