EU leaders fear that fragile state of Tories will lead to brutal Brexit | Politics | The Guardian

Here’s an interesting story from the Guardian. It claims that chaos in Westminster means that Theresa May’s discussions, which begin on Monday, could collapse without any deal

Source: EU leaders fear that fragile state of Tories will lead to brutal Brexit | Politics | The Guardian

Read the story carefully and it’s rather disjointed, tending to concatenate related news, with a headline bolted on, designed to attract attention.

Meanwhile, the Guardian does not cite sources to underpin the headline. It’s light on hard data and evidence and big on speculation.

Strictly, the Guardian is highlighting a risk but there’s no attempt to explore the probability not potential mitigation.

Since the election, I have noticed a fall in the Guardian’s quality.


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  1. Dr Alf is being kind to the Guardian,the EU is said not to know what the UK wants from BREXIT when it is obvious from what the UK has said that it doesn’t want ,where the EU’s position lies.

    May has a short shelf life and will not be around to ratify anything so does it really take a rocket scientist to see who might be leader and what the desired position might be?

    The Guardian is there to sell newspapers,create disturbing headlines likely to help Jeremy Corbyn,to make as much money as it can for its Oxbridge educated owners and then exploit every tax loophole known to man so that HMRC is left with little or nothing for itself.

    We know already that a divorce settlement will have to be agreed and that between zero and £100 billion is the range,we know too that we cannot remain in the Single market and control immigration and we know that to get UK workers up to speed supplemented by white South Africans who will come here because Jacob Zuma is starting a Mugabe style land grab will take a transitional period of 2 years which is what Hammond wants.

    The UK may get a “brutal” BREXIT but politicians like to set out blood curdling positions to appease their constituencies before engaging in horse trading and working out the best way to deliver unpalatable and costly solutions which fleece taxpayers but are dressed up to look like hard won concessions.

    The Guardian knows this,the BBC knows this and the public knows this just as the EU negotiators do.
    In the end it is all a game but it is one that Mrs May will have to watch from Maidenhead whilst dreaming of what might have been.

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