Opinion – Theresa May under pressure as DUP says: ‘Show some respect’ | Politics | The Guardian – John Gelmini

English: David Davis, British Conservative pol...

English: David Davis, British Conservative politician. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no way back for May who the DUP don’t want and who most sensible Conservatives know has little shelf life left.

May commands no respect and is too slow and too dithery for difficult bedfellows like the DUP.
As Dr Alf knows her Brexit negotiator has already made major concessions which he said at the beginning he would not make so the only question left is the size of the stitch up of the taxpaying public and the running order of the capitulations which will follow as long as David Davis is there and May remains Prime Minister.

The Queen’s speech needs to be rubber stamped, Hammond and his Treasury officials need to give the DUP enough money to shut them up ideally by scrapping the corruption and theft ridden Foreign Aid budget and then Boris needs to become Brutus for a day, order the removal van for May and appoint a new EU negotiator a new Cabinet without Priti Patel in it.

Clearing out Nicholas Paget Brown and his apparatchiks at Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council and replacing them all with a Government hit squad would be popular and instructing the police to commence dawn raids for laptops, evidence, e-mails, smartphones, desktops, tablets, papers and files relating to Grenfell Towers via insurers, the local authority, KCTMO, their suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers would show that the new Government really meant business even with a tiny mandate.

At the same time, MI5 should carefully look into the backgrounds of each DUP member to discover skeletons and “smoking guns” sufficient to frighten them into submission at critical junctures. As it is they are walking about with too much swagger which is very dangerous at this juncture. There is no need at this stage to call a new election but there is a need to start creating “facts on the ground” by getting shareholder votes on executive pay to be binding and capping the pay of extreme fat cats who fail to deliver EBIT, growth or exports.

Dealing with this creates some impression of fairness and is the precursor to difficult conversations about worker productivity especially now that the Southern train drivers have rejected a pay offer of up to £75,000 GBP a year after 2 years of damaging strike action.

All those drivers and the Tube drivers and postal workers need to be replaced en mass by calling up all ex military people of the right age until both tubes and trains can be automated fully and strikes in essential public services are banned. If there are any “days of rage” or attempts to make trouble then the Government would have to call a state of emergency, put the remaining ex military people into police uniforms as happened in the 1984 Miners strike and deal with the ensuing trouble leaving the police to do their jobs. With calm restored, one can then look at export readiness (we are not ready at all) and what needs to be done to make the country safe and attractive to inward investors (proper border controls,lower corporation taxes,improved writing down allowances,citizenship bonds,infrastructure bonds to pay for hospitals,schools ,roads and airports).

Local Authorities continue to resist reform and hold the country back economically so change and transformation coupled with headcount caps need to be imposed on them within the context of 15 large unitary authorities for the entire country, no district or borough councils and a rotating panel of directly sourced external provision with checks on bank accounts of all relevant protagonists as a means to eliminate financial irregularity.

John Gelmini

Opinion – The old Tory order is crumbling – it’s taken Grenfell for us to really see it | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian

Margaret Thatcher with Ronald Reagan

Margaret Thatcher with Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I disagree with left-wing writer, Owen Jones’ op-ed article published in the left-wing Guardian. Jones concludes that the The neoliberal right has never seemed weaker and with a massive push, Labour can seize the initiative.

Source: The old Tory order is crumbling – it’s taken Grenfell for us to really see it | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian

Jones style of writing is big on passion, concatenation of events, with a world view leaning towards the Far-Left for whom the end justifies the means. In particular, the article’s light on evidence and full of bias.

The article wants us to believe that the Tories are responsible for Grenfell, with austerity and beliefs going back to Margaret Thatcher’s promotion of neoliberalism.

Unfortunately, Jones fails to identify that the Grenfell period included long periods when Labour were in power, characterized by mismanagement and poor economic stewardship. Let’s remember that the previous Labour governments provided inflationary public sector pay settlements that had no linkage to productivity improvement or promotion of global best practice in public sector administration. Labour promoted big government, both in the central and local governments sectors. Frequently, left-wing politicians showed patronage to their chums in business.  Time and time again Labour governments provided disasterous economic management and left office with the cubboard being bear.

In a short time, the UK has moved from promoting the populism of the Far Right to the populism of the Far-Left. Remember that the historic socialist Labour Party was hijacked by shadowy Far-Left radicals. To put this into context, the economically and socially, internationally respected, international paper, the Economist warns us starkly that Jeremy Corbyn‘s objective is ‘domestic revolution’.

Yes, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan presided over a period of economic liberalism and massive economic growth that is often called neoliberalism. This is core to the capitalist system. Is Owen Jones secretly dreaming of a Marxist state for the UK, led by Britain own Che Gavara, Jeremy Corbyn?