Best Blogs Series – Opinion – Brexit: A Very British Revolution – Fraser Nelson – WSJ – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is right to keep focusing on the risk of domestic revolution in the UK. I too believe that Jeremy Corbyn‘s far-left Labour Party is a greater risk than Theresa May‘s weak Conservative Government.

But with Mrs May’s negotiating tactics and those of David Davis, the EU will simply stonewall and take neither of them seriously, so that while May remains as lame duck and” squatter in residence”nothing will be agreed.

Dr Alf and I may disagree about Brexit but as things stand it may never happen anyway because of a catalogue of ineptitude and snail like decision making.

The Conservative Party has made a series of catastrophic errors, the first of which was to call the Referendum in the first place, the second of which was to allow May into office, and the third was to do nothing about systems building/housing crisis, productivity, exports and fat cat pay. Without exports and greater productivity we cannot grow and cannot increase wages and without dealing with fat cat pay and executive non performance we cannot get sullen and overweight British workers to improve productivity. All these things along with the NHS and the bloated nature of the public sector needed to be dealt with starting straightaway so that if and when we left the EU we could prosper outside it.

Preparing for talks is not sufficient you prepare the country and people plus its institutions for the rigours of paying your way in a harsh and unforgiving world.

What we got from May was soundbites, non performance and an election which nobody wanted, called at at the wrong time. If it was to be called it should have been in the summer holidays when students were on their gap years, travelling and not in a position to vote easily.

The 1922 Committee has made an error by allowing May to trick them into allowing her to remain in office and they compound that error by letting her stay now. The day she asked them to let her stay as long as they wanted her was the day that the removal vans should have been called and her replacement summonsed and given a clear instruction to turn things around within the shortest possible timeframe.

As the summer progresses into autumn I predict May and Davis will make no headway but will instead make concession after concession whilst pretending that they are driving a hard bargain. But Dr Alf  is right to warn us that Corbyn’s far-left government will sit on the Brexit sidelines.

The test to be applied is not what the horse ate or how well its tail has been brushed but whether it “wins races”. If it wins it can have an air conditioned horsebox, can listen to Mozart as it swims and is worth millions but if not it is the long walk by the vet at dawn, the sharp sound of a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver being discharged at point blank range and a new future in B&Q,as a range of Araldite wood glue.

With failed politicians, like May, and indeed bosses of major firms and Mid Caps, local authority CEOs, NHS managers, head teachers and public sector service directors, we need to be much less forgiving of their excuses for non performance and hold them to account.

May should be made an example of and as a harbinger of a much tougher regime for all the others who collectively have been failing the taxpayer for years. Meanwhile, let’s be clear, Corbyn is focused on domestic revolution (as highlighted by the Economist).

John Gelmini

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