Opinion – Back soft Brexit,’ unions urge Labour | Politics | The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important read from the Guardian. It argues that 50 senior party figures have told party leader Jeremy Corbyn ‘to fight unambiguously for membership of the single market’ and now the TUC has pitched in too.

Source: ‘Back soft Brexit,’ unions urge Labour | Politics | The Guardian

I still worry about the real power base in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party – the party was hijacked by a group of far-left radicals and traditional socialist MPs have been left out in the cold. The influential Economist newspaper recently suggested that Jeremy Corbyn is nor really interested in Brexit, he’s more focused on domestic revolution.

Hopefully, we shall see MPs of all parties playing a positive role on Brexit. But I remain suspicious. After the election, Corbyn had the opportunity to bury the hatchet and invite former Blairite ministers to return to front-line politics – but he preferred to keep his team of radical lightweights.


2 responses

  1. Yes, I am like you, very suspicious of Corbyn. Lightweight is the right word to describe him and his team of radical leftists. But being a radical leftist nowadays means that you just don’t “get it”, you’re a leftover from another time. He’s way out of the real world and that is indeed very worrying.

    • Thank you. Yes, we certainly agree here. My pre-occupation at the moment is that radical leftists aren’t natural supporters of democracy, so things quickly escalate to revolution

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