More than half of foods marketed to kids are junk – obesity research — RT News

no food!

no food! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Russia Today logo

English: Russia Today logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In breaking news, Russia’s RT reports that more than half of foods marketed to kids are junk, citing latest Australian obesity research.

Source: More than half of foods marketed to kids are junk – obesity research — RT News

It’s interesting to reflect on this story which is highlighted by RT rather than western media. Despite the escalating global obesity crisis the powerful food lobby seems to muddy the works and stop effective government intervention.

Is it time to treat food and drink marketing like tobacco?


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  1. I did a quick Google search and discovered that on 9 June a similar kind of “breaking news” occurred, this one based on Canadian research and it was covered more broadly, in the Canadian press of course and also in the UK, see here:

    However this bit of news highlighted by RT is a research carried out in Australia and it was amply reported in the local press in both Australia and New Zealand…

    So I do think that such surveys do pop up now and then around the globe and do get local attention. Whether that is enough or not to change politics is of course quite another matter…

    • I was discussing this story with a friend on Friday. His take was that whilst this was not false news, RT was able to point the fingers at the failures of the Western system

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