Opinion – Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell want street politics to lead to the overthrow of the economic order, says author Iain Martin – the Sun

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Revolution of 1905 in Poland.

Revolution of 1905 in Poland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an outstanding, must-read article in the Sun, author Iain Martin alarmingly warn that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell want street politics to lead to the overthrow of the economic order.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell want street politics to lead to the overthrow of the economic order, says author Iain Martin

The article supports what I have been saying on this blog for some time, the traditional Labour Party is dead – the Labour Party was hijacked by radical Far Left activists who’s primary objective is revolution. For the Far Left, and indeed the Far Right, the end justifies the means – there is no place for truth and evidence – frequently, violence is deployed to supress alternative opinion.

Iain Martin paints a vivid sketch of the risks of what he calls a socialist economic revolution. I’m no expert on Far Left revolutionary thought but here are a few alternative threads to follow:

  1. Communism
  2. Left Communism
  3. Democratic socialism
  4. Left-wing populism
  5. Populism
  6. Trotskyism
  7. Maoism
  8. Anarchist Communism
  9. Anarcho Syndicalism
  10. National Communism
  11. Authoritarian Socialism
  12. Autonomism

For an introduction to the research literature on ‘Far Left Politics‘, open this link

From a historical perspective, here are links to overviews of the more prominent revolutions:

  1. French Revolution
  2. Russian Revolution
  3. Chinese Communist Revolution
  4. Bolivarian Revolution
  5. Cuban Revolution
  6. Greek War of Independence

My position, of course, is biased. Politically, I’m a conservative or more precisely a one-nation conservative. For a fuller discussion of my politics, open this link.

For me, Jeremy Corbyn is a puppet for the Far-Left, he’s a sham, a showman – behind him lurks dark forces, waiting to precipitate a UK revolution. Watch for false news and riots, that will signal the beginning…

Surely, it’s time to stop the Pied Piper of Islington?




One response

  1. Indeed it is time to stop the ‘Pied Piper of Islington’ and at the moment it would not be difficult. That is, provided the 1922 Committee move very quickly to replace May, send her packing back to Maidenhead and bring in a new telegenic younger leader – capable of forming a new more energetic cabinet with energy and imagination.

    The Army and police are currently too small, so as Dr Alf knows, dealing with violent street disorder now, in the height of summer, will be very difficult and with What’s App and social media people can be organised quickly to demonstrate and riot in large numbers simultaneously, so that the police would quickly become overwhelmed.

    The answer is to call a state of national emergency, call up all reservists and all ex-military personnel who are still fit, recently retired and compus mentis.

    Attempting to overthrow the country by violent demonstrations without an election is treason, so arresting the ringleaders would be a first step.

    The second and simultaneous step would be sequestration and asset seizure of all Momentum’s assets, buildings and money and the banning of all strikes in essential public services and the mass firing of Southern train drivers who have been on strike for 2 years now moving into their 3rd year, plus the tube drivers.
    Retired tube drivers would be conscripted into the Army and directed to drive trains and tubes and to instruct people on the dole to drive trains.

    This would cause a general strike which could then be broken by the very much enlarged police force (soldiers would be put into police uniforms as they were in the 1984 Miners Strike when Arthur Scargill attempted to overthrow the Government).

    Since we already have another 5th column in our midst consisting of 3000 jihadis and 20,000 sympathisers, it would be essential to intern all of them securely in a remote Hebridean location and then at a later stage deport those not from here.

    With order restored, the ringleaders could be tried and the state of emergency could be lifted.

    From then, on the massive income inequalities and nepotism which exist here and and which are fuelling Corbyn’s revolutionary fervour have to start being tackled.

    This has to start with capping the pay of fat cats who do not perform, do not export, sell or deliver shareholder value and only removing it if exports, growth and jobs are delivered.

    Then we have to come clean on automation and AI and start preparing the young for a jobless world.

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