Election gamble drove ‘uncertainty’ in economy – IHS Markit – Sky News

Sky News reports that the UK economy is “losing momentum”, according to a closely-watched survey of businesses which found growing uncertainty since Theresa May’s election gamble backfired.

Source: Election gamble drove ‘uncertainty’ in economy – IHS Markit

Let’s face it, this isn’t really a surprise. We should expect UK news to be increasingly pessimistic, with greater downside risks than upside potential.

There seem two prevailing polarities of depressing the UK outlook:

  • A hard Brexit bringing social and economic meltdown to the UK, with the Conservative right wing keeping May in power by her puppet strings
  • A Marxist government in the UK, with widespread revolution, championed by the Far Left radicals who infiltrated the Labour Party and pull Corbyn’s strings

Surely the political classes are not completely brain dead and can find a real leader?


One response

  1. One hopes that the current bout of “brain deadness” afflicting the 1922 Committee and the Conservative Party will come to a rapid end.
    Dr Alf is right to worry because on present trends they seem to think that by keeping May in situ they can avoid a General Election and Dr Alf’s nightmare scenario of a Marxist government.
    The reality is that May is damaged goods,the City doesn’t rate her,youngsters hate her,the old despise her and she is not respected by the EU and their negotiators.
    With her in Downing Street no deals will be struck with the EU,no taxes will be lowered and the fat cats who should be exporting,selling and delivering shareholder value have already reverted to type by sitting on cash mountains.
    A Margaret Thatcher would have called them in and handbagged them into starting to do their jobs but with squatter May nothing will be done.
    May remaining means nothing will be done to get the UK match fit for the rigours ahead which gives EU negotiators even more reason to footdrag which also means our ability to negotiate trade deals is further impaired.
    Anyone with an ounce of commonsense would see that the Conservative Party needs to replace May,her deadbeat Cabinet and take steps to control the agenda by privatising the BBC and selling off Channel 4.
    Stopping the criminal waste of money represented by foreign aid and using it and Barnett Formula money to assist nurses,policemen and firefighters would be popular as a precursor to clearing out unnecessary middle managers in the NHS.
    This has to be preceded by the appointment of a new leader and Cabinet who are telegenic,fired up street fighters with universal appeal,ability and political courage who are willing to move fast and not either like the snail paced May.Someone like Kwazi Kwarteng might fit this mould but the so calls “Big Beasts” are toothless lions and past it.

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