Opinion – 10,000 support doctors, 12 million helpers to be trained to assist dementia sufferers – Japan Times – John Gelmini


Dr Alf is right to worry abouut the UK following this story in the Japan Times.

What is even more frightening about this initiative by the Japanese Government in relation to the situation in the UK is that Dementia is already at epidemic proportions and due to lack of public education is set to get much worse.

Public policy regarding food, exercise, zoning, drinking , smoking  ,vaping, air quality, car exhaust emissions, plastics, chemicals in the air, fertilisers, the water supply is outmoded and inappropriate.

The NHS, family doctors, nutritionists and celebrity chefs could all play their part but we see no variable taxes on food, no limits on sugar and no ban on aspartame a substance developed for the Pentagon for biological warfare.

We see people cooking with aluminium saucepans which causes dementia, people using aluminium foil, deodorant containing aluminium chlorohydrate, baking soda and using fluoride toothpaste which over time will lower IQ by 20%.

6 million people take recreational drugs, one of the worst of which is Skunk which is 7 times stronger than cannabis of the type smoked by Hippies in the 1960s. Those Hippies many of whom still smoke pot and have progressed onto other more mind numbing drugs are in their mid 60s and 70s today and are the emerging class of new Dementia patients.

UK alchohol consumption is double the world average and the effects are worsened by the number of people drinking on an empty stomach and suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

The UK population through lifestyles and bad diet is literally killing itself through lack of knowledge and bad habits and is setting itself up for Dementia, Depression, Diabetes and other afflictions on the way.

Dr Alf would call for an evidence led approach to these problems but the NHS is slow to assimilate evidence, even slower to act on it and fails to understand how far behind current thinking it is in terms of evidence, treatments and disease causation.

John Gelmini

These Charts Show Why Brits Are Furious About Austerity – Bloomberg

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bloomberg highlights that Theresa May promised Northern Ireland a billion pounds and now the tide of public opinion is turning against her cost-cutting policies. The evidence provided by Bloomburg shows simple evidence, trended over time. I welcome the return of evidence in the mainstream media.

Source: These Charts Show Why Brits Are Furious About Austerity – Bloomberg

Under Cameron and May, plus their weak finance ministers, the UK missed an opportunity but worse got it wrong.

With Labour as the new conservatives propping up social welfare and big government, despite increasing evidence that socialism has failed, the Conservatives could have become the new reformers, embracing radical reform of the public sector. Over the last five years, John Gelmini and myself have repeatedly highlighted on this blog a strawman of policies for radical reform. But the Conservatives lacked the stomach to do what was right.

Instead the Conservatives chose extended austerity, applying the bacon-slicer to central and local government. As we have advised many time, this was never a strategic solution. As we predicted, the quality of public services collapsed and there has been limited underlying reform. Now the public are rightly tired of the ‘austerity’ medicine and they’re beginning to smell a very large rat on Brexit.

It’s clear that the Conservatives have abandoned the millennial generation. Thanks to the Conservative Party Manifesto 2017, and especially the ‘Dimentia Tax’, the Conservatives have lost the confidence of older voters too.

With enormous downside risks from three directions, Brexit, the economy and the threat of a Marxist government in the UK, the 1922 Committee needs to intervene and replace Theresa May with an effective leader, who will appeal to young people.