How the G20 should change its approach to migration and development in Africa | Bruegel

Here’s powerful analysis from leading European think-tank, Bruegel. The article suggests that whilst the G20 is redesigning its Africa strategy, migration from Africa is an increasingly controversial topic in European politics, even though total flows are stable. It argues that many hope that economic development in Africa will reduce migration pressures but warns that many African countries are so poor that increased wealth will actually accelerate emigration – by giving people the means to leave. The bottom line will be unpopular with many European voters – the EU should support economic development in Africa, but Europe also needs to realise that migration from Africa is likely to increase in the coming years.

Source: How the G20 should change its approach to migration and development in Africa | Bruegel

Whilst I relate the thrust of the argument, I do not agree with the conclusions. It’s worth reflecting that if Angela Merkel did open the flood doors to migrants, perhaps the UK would not be proceeding to Brexit.

Surely, Europe’s voters just will not accept increased immigration from Africa?


Opinion – Trump Questions Putin on Election Meddling at Eagerly Awaited Encounter – The New York Times – John Gelmini

Dr Alf is right, this does represent a good sign for future dealings provided those like Michael Fallon in the UK and people like McMaster in America who seem to want World War III can be restrained.

Those representing the “Beltway Bandits”(America’s military Industrial complex) and BAE Defence Systems seem to be keen to start a conflagration by attacking Russia and China, starting with North Korea in the East and Syria, Ukraine and Iran in the West. They think that with space based weapons which they think neither Russia or China has they can prevail.

If Trump can stay alive and at the same time get along with Putin and Xi in some form or other then these potentially tragic events can be averted.

Climate Change is becoming somewhat more difficult to prove or take seriously because if one goes back 4 IPCC reports one discovers that since 1998, some 19 years ago there has been global cooling. The compilers of that report debated how to present this information but came up with a new and ingenious explanation which was that the “warming effect” had been neutralised by the cooling effect of the world’s oceans and would re-emerge with a vengeance in 25 years time”. The subsequent IPCC reports say similar things each time conveniently pushing Doomsday into the future.

The reality is that the UK Government has been in possession of its own reports going back 12 years saying that there has been overall cooling but the visions of apocalypse still persist since to admit otherwise would destroy the rationale for personal carbon footprints which many wish to see.

Trump’s call to protect our civilisation is timely in terms of dealing with militant Islam and I question the West’s will or capacity to deal with it alone, as it did effectively during the Crusades and the Battle of Tours and subsequent predations by Turkey whose empire was destroyed by the British in 1918.

I calculate that it will take the combined forces of America, Russia, India and China to deal with the threat posed by militant Islam but that this could be dealt with by a combination of conventional forces, military robots and robots to occupy troublesome Muslim countries permanently. There’s a need for Muslims to fully sign up to our Judeo Christian values and our way of life.

Whether this happens under Trump or someone else is anyone’s guess but we live in very dangerous and unpredictable times.

John Gelmini