Opinion – UK faces tightest squeeze on household incomes for five years | Business | The Guardian – John Gelmini

We will probably not get a hard Brexit at all, given May’s precarious position, the weakness of Davis as a negotiator and the lack of real preparation to get the country “match fit” and ready to face economic reality.

As Dr Alf knows , no-one has articulated the need for greater UK worker productivity and the need for them to not be lazy and to take the jobs, if qualified to do them of the migrants they no longer want if indeed they ever did. The alternative will be automation, RPO, offshoring and robotics. Britains bosses currently building cash mountains, not exporting, not selling and not delivering need to be talked to sternly and all their unjustified bonuses taxed away unless they perform.

May cannot have this conversation so we are facing wage restrictions, more unemployment and even worse public services.

With the same people we are going to get nowhere so we need to put May out of her misery and replace her Cabinet of ageing also rans.

Austerity which should have been applied as a 2 year shock and awe measure has of course gone on for far too long and must be scrapped by May’s successor who must be young, telegenic, capable, fearless and willing to street fight.

So far the 1922 Committee has been slow and weak, they must recover their ruthless streak, put May to the sword and force restructuring.

John Gelmini

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