Brexit may never happen – Sir Vince Cable – BBC News

English: Vince Cable, British politician and f...

English: Vince Cable, British politician and former acting leader of the Liberal Democrats, being interviewed for Sky News. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Sir Vince Cable highlighted that Labour and Tory divisions are “enormous” and the economy is “deteriorating”, so Brexit may never happen.

Source: Brexit may never happen – Sir Vince Cable – BBC News

It’s fascinating but ‘No Brexit’ has become an ‘elephant in the room‘ at Westminster. So whilst the comment from Sir Vince Cable may be regarded as unhelpful by many Conservatives, he’s right to highlight the enormous risks.

The British Public know that they’ve been sold ‘a dud one’, based on fanning xenophobia and false news. Meanwhile, the government argue that ‘we must respect the will of the people’. The truth is simple, the people were conned.

So surely, a second referendum, clarifying hard, soft or no Brexit would be both inherently democratic and in the public interest?




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  1. In this article from Dr Alf the old Liberal Democrat Sir Vince Cable may well be right if only because the leaving process which has already taken far too long will never move under May as she is seen as a lame duck with a limited shelf life.
    Unless she is replaced quickly the state of drift ,torpor and general air of unreality will continue to the point where the 2 years of Article 50 process will be used up without any progress being made and not a single new trade deal being signed.
    The Conservative party seems to have developed a death wish with useless leaders and “old pretenders” like David Davis who are past it and with that death wish comes an inability to negotiate with vigour or speed.

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