Opinion – Jeremy Corbyn embarks on whirlwind tour of marginal seats as he makes Labour election-ready | The Independent – John Gelmini

As Dr Alf will recall, this is the “One last heave” strategy” and it will be preceded by strikes,”direct action” in the community and more unprincipled opposition for oppositions sake in the House of Commons.

The Conservatives, by keeping May in power, are feeding this opposition by continuously shooting themselves in the head by doing very stupid things and failing to do what needs to be done. The solution is to see things as they are, calculate the worst that needs to be done, and then act with speed and ruthlessness but I fear that we are being led by lemmings, determined to throw themselves off a cliff. The Brexit negotiations are going nowhere because the EU know that May is clinging on by her finger nails and will be replaced, so we are making no progress that suits anyone.

The leadership needs to be resolved quickly along with a clear out of the Cabinet “has beens” which means all of them because they are too old, too predictable and too ineffective.

The Maybot replacement must be young, telegenic, capable and a street fighter.

The Queen has been smart enough to appoint a young black Army officer who has completed three tours of Afghanistan as her Equerry, so the Conservative Party needs to do the same with Kwasi Kwarteng who is educated, articulate and more than a match for Corbyn and his Trades Union backers.

The BBC and Channel 4 are two of the “enemies within” and their left-wing reporters, presenters and interviewers are making mincemeat of the Government which through the taxpayer is paying them. In the Government’s position I would abolish the licence fee and then privatise the BBC, whilst at the same time selling off Channel 4 which has been ripe for this treatment for some time.

The finances of the Labour Party also need to be forensically examined and the finances of Momentum and who is behind them must be similarly probed.

People who voted Labour for the most part did not vote for a party within a party financed by people unknown to them so this information should be gathered and kept in readiness for when it is needed.

The Government by continuing to clamp down on low-level public sector pay is scoring another own goal so to deal with that scrap foreign aid and clear out unnecessary middle management within the NHS,councils and the police.

Then lift the cap on the lower paid.

It can already issue gilts so it should without the need for any political debate create two classes of new gilts (infrastructure bonds to pay for roads, systems built housing, airports, schools, new Garden Cities like Letchworth, Hertfordshire etc and citizenship bonds to encourage inward investment from wealthy foreigners willing to employ indigenous UK citizens).

The Government is creating another own goal with the Grenfell Fire whose residents it has failed and is still failing. By failing to replace KCBC with a hit squad from day one and failing to instruct the police to seize all data and documents immediately the crime scene was compromised and miscreants were then in a position to remove or destroy evidence. What were KCBC’s insurers (the council had changed insurers three months before the fire) told before they agreed to insure the building and who told them? What were the insurers of the Tenant management company told and what were their contractors told and by whom? With 600 plus people living in the flats and a few out of the country with 200 plus survivors and less than 100 bodies identified by the police there must be 300 bodies still in the building yet the Government, police and KCBC come up with a much lower figure even though using rent rolls they were able to get a Vietnamese fraudster who did not live in the building convicted in the Magistrates Court for trying to fraudulently claim £10,000 GBP from KCBC. The Government in the form of May and the slow Sajid Javid the Housing Minister fail to address these questions and the bigger one of how the fire supposedly went from a defective refrigerator to the cladding on the right hand side of the building either through solid concrete or an open window after the fire brigade had extinguished the fridge fire. How the fire was able to burn with almost equal ferocity on the other side of the building is also not answered.

With these questions, the recent terrorist incidents the suppression of the report by May on Saudi funding of jihadis the Government is vulnerable to accusations of incompetence and duplicity and of covering things up.

The new Conservative leader needs to find the money out of contingency reserves to pay off all the residents subject to a gagging order and then rehouse them properly.

Then the police backed by forensic accountants need to go after all those responsible and look carefully at bank accounts in order to root out financial irregularity at KCBC and their tenant management organisation.

There is no need for another election but without action on the leadership and festering issues like this the Conservative Party is potentially doomed and unable to stop Corbyn and his Red Guards who could well be backed by a General Strike called by Len McClusky to help downtrodden public sector workers.

Calling a state of emergency, calling up all fit retired military, assigning some to the police and prohibiting all strikes in essential public services would nip this in the bud, whilst stopping violence and widespread civil disorder.

John Gelmini

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