Brexit: Public support continued EU freedom of movement in exchange for access to Single Market, research finds | The Independent

The Independent reports that Prime Minister Theresa May‘s insistence that no Brexit deal is better than a bad one does not have public support, citing new research claims. In research by King’s College London, Rand Europe and Cambridge University found that people place more value on trade deals with the EU and foreign countries than on curbing free movement of labour. The article clarified that the organisers said the research method they used during interviews with 917 people is more rigorous than traditional polling.

Source: Brexit: Public support continued EU freedom of movement in exchange for access to Single Market, research finds | The Independent

Once more, we see that Theresa May is out of step with the emerging context, But the lady who sought power to lead will be forced to follow. Already the cabinet are getting more outspoken but the real test will be parliament’s teeth.

Ultimately, we need some brave Conservative and Labour MPs to stand up for their beliefs not follow like lambs to slaughter?


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  1. The Independent has it only half right in this piece brought to us by Dr Alf.

    What the bulk of the public want is to have their cake and eat it too.

    They want the right to work in the EU and holiday there without constantly having to change money and pay commissions to banks and they want Eastern Europeans to leave in large numbers along with Muslims but they do not want the jobs that migrants at the lower skill levels do.

    Instead they want higher wages and training before they consider taking those jobs.

    They want free Adult Social Care but they do not want to be carers themselves even though the majority of the carers are woman from the Caribbean or Africa.

    They want higher wages and German style 10 week holidays but neither they nor their bosses see any need to improve their lamentable productivity or become less lazy.

    Their bosses for the most part see no need to up their game and are content to golf,sit in boardrooms,build cash mountains and overpay themselves whilst not delivering jobs,export led growth or EBIT.

    The Government and our political elite care nothing about these issues as they are well paid and have fat address books which give them options unavailable to others and the real elite are even more sanguine bolstered by money bilked from taxpayers and effectively stolen from bank depositors during the financial crisis.

    Seeming to preside over this litany of woe is May,a do nothing and useless Prime Minister who would be late for her own funeral.

    Soon she will be gone only to be replaced by some ageing ,slow politician out of touch with ordinary voters as opposed to being replaced by someone young,telegenic and effective.

    The Queen led the way with the appointment of the first black Equerry in several hundred years,a man who had been to Sandhurst and proven himself as a leader of men during 3 tours of Afghanistan.
    Our politicians are however blind to the example given to them and wait to remove May and grandfather in yet another also ran.

    This means that whatever the public might want or think they want nothing will be agreed in negotiations with Barnier because he knows that whoever follows May will be a pushover or more probably ,will not last.

    The process is cynical and deliberate and designed to emasculate the country and increase its vassal status as a minor province in Mrs Merkel’s “Greater Germany”.

    May’s wholly unnecessary election(May was a remainer),can be be seen for what it has become,a move to ensure that the Referendum result is reversed and the European project can continue.

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