Opinion – Understanding #Moggmentum: the hollow cult of Jacob Rees-Mogg – New Statesman – John Gelmini

Jacob Rees-Mogg taken at Chew Stoke Harvest Home

Jacob Rees-Mogg taken at Chew Stoke Harvest Home (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jacob Rees Mogg is too patrician and too grand an English eccentric to run the UK and the last thing we need with all our difficult problems is another Old Etonian.

To beat Jeremy Corbyn and his bought and paid for Red Guards we need someone who can connect with ordinary people, street fight and give no quarter.

The country is in danger and deep trouble, so urbane smoothness has to give way to the ruthlessness that comes with having come up the hard way and a background that can connect with the young. Kwasi Kwarteng fits the bill and is telegenic and capable with youth appeal and sharpness.

The present cabinet sound and look old, and Rees Mogg, although very articulate, is not the man for close quarters political brutality of the kind that will be needed to put the BBC, ITV,Channel 4 and NHS and local authority middle managers to the sword.

He would want to keep his long aristocratic hands Pontius Pilate clean and leave the butchery to others. As Dr Alf will remember not all change is welcomed, not every middle manager is willing to relinquish his/her position. What has to be done does not require consensus, endless urbane discussion or cross party working, it is kill the monster time before it gets too big and kills of the Conservative Party and bankrupts the country.

The “Prince” to quote Machiavelli must live in the country he has conquered, inflict all his cruelties at once, and then bestow benefits one at a time so that they are the more appreciated. Neutralizing Momentum, bringing in legislation to outlaw strikes in essential public services, firing the Southern train drivers and calling up retired military personnel to apply a state of emergency and break General Strikes is not the province of Rees Mogg.

He has other uses around consensus building after all the “enemies within” are dealt with.

John Gelmini

Health Profile for England: Telling a story about our health | Public health matters

English: Life Expectancy vs Health Care Spendi...

English: Life Expectancy vs Health Care Spending for OECD countries in 2007. The data were downloaded from http://oecd.org and the image was built by Joe Meyer using the Python Imaging Library. See flagscatter.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a good analysis of England‘s health profile over time, geographically and compared to the EU.

Source: Health Profile for England: Telling a story about our health | Public health matters

Key chapters include:

  1. Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy
  2. Major causes of death and how they have changed
  3. Trends in morbidity and behavioral risk factors
  4. European comparisons
  5. Inequality in health
  6. Social determinants of health
  7. Current and emerging health protection issues

For sure, there is a mine of useful information for anybody remotely interested in this subject.

Unfortunately, there’s inherent bias built into the report, which is very light on opinions on the effectiveness of government policy.

In international benchmarking studies, the UK performs very poorly in public healthcare, especially in cancer outcomes.

Clearly, the research was expensive. I have to wonder if the findings, conclusions and recommendations would be more effective with an independent study?