Brexit: Labour threatens to defeat Theresa May over ‘great repeal bill’ | Politics | The Guardian

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this worrying read, the Guardian reports that the Conservatives risk defeat over ‘great repeal bill’ that unbundles EU laws if they do not make concessions to opposition parties, citing warnings from Keir Starmer.

Source: Brexit: Labour threatens to defeat Theresa May over ‘great repeal bill’ | Politics | The Guardian

May might be ‘weak and wobbly’, stubborn and not strong on economics but surely back-bench Tory MPs can see the writing on the wall or in their morning tea-leaves. Unless the Conservatives make concessions, they could be defeated in the ‘Great Repeal Bill‘, triggering an early election, with a strong chance of a Marxist and possibly revolutionary government in the UK.

Surely, it’s obvious that Theresa May is now toxifying the Conservative brand. It’s time for Conservative MPs to earn their pay and defend the national interest.


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  1. Dr Alf is right,Conservative MP’s need to wake up ,the Liberal Democrats have said they will oppose this bill,so have the Greens so even with those small numbers combined with Labour ‘s they create a situation in which Kier Starmer can force a vote of no confidence in the Government and trigger an election sweeping Corbyn into power.
    Even if that fails Len McClusky can create days of rage,anti austerity marches and a General Strike to bring about the same result.
    In the meantime Britons go on holiday,drink too much and are oblivious to what is going on and May sits there essentially doing nothing while Conservative MP’s sit on their hands fearful of what to do.
    It isn’t a game and the stakes could not have been higher but still those MP’s see no reason to remove May,take action against the BBC and Channel 4.
    Instead they are frozen with fear ,unwilling to fight or do anything at all let alone the “National Interest” which they wouldn’t recognise at any distance.
    People judge by actions and we now see that the Southern Rail dispute has gone into its 3rd year.
    The Government’s response has been to fine the company £13 million GBP but to ignore the economic damage the strike has caused and the country’s reputation abroad.
    As long as those train drivers are allowed to work and the strike continues the Government and May are seen as out of touch pushovers by the Trades Unions and by Momentum.
    The right action would be to terminate the franchise,appoint another franchisor,fire all the workers on strike and declare a state of emergency using former called up military personnel to drive the trains and aid the police as happened in the 1984 Miner’s strike.
    During a state of emergency May’s successor could then move against Momentum by sequestrating their assets,move against the BBC and Channel 4 by privatisation and selloff respectively and intern all jihadis and their sympathisers.
    With order restored the new leader could then start swamp draining by imposing reform on the NHS,Councils,the police and fire services by removing costly middle managers who add no value,lifting pay at the front line and reducing the number of councils,constabularies and fire commands to 15,1 and 1 respectively.
    Reduced corporation taxes ,faster writing down allowances and infrastructure and citizenship bonds would pay for growth and action could then be taken to get underperforming fat cats removed or have their pay capped until they do.

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