Tony Blair says Brexit can be stopped if UK leaders realise the EU will ‘meet us halfway’ | The Independent

Here’s an insightful read from the Independent. Citing Tony Blair, it suggests that Brexit can still be stopped if Britain’s leaders realise EU officials are prepared to “meet us halfway” on restricting the free movement of people. While the former Labour Prime Minister admitted there is “no groundswell” for a second referendum on membership of the EU, Mr Blair said it is possible that the will of the British people could change as the public becomes more aware of the potential economic damage of hard Brexit.

Source: Tony Blair says Brexit can be stopped if UK leaders realise the EU will ‘meet us halfway’ | The Independent

Although he’s a bit out of favour because of the Iraqi war, I still rate Blair as head and shoulders over the current team leading the Labour Party. Blair was an inspirational leader and was very much the man for his time. Of course, he had a huge political mandate, which he squandered but we know that politics has a corrupting influence. In the early days, he closely relied on focus groups, then he lived in rarefied air, removed from the people – the rest is history.

But Blair in his day was a top-class statesman and he’s right about Brexit. The thing is, Corbyn is more concerned with installing a Far Left Labour government, possibly as early as the Autumn 2017, rather than helping the UK make a better strategic case on Brexit. Meanwhile, the Conservatives are in ‘demob’ summer holiday mood, and they don’t seem to care that they don’t have an effective leader.


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  1. Sad as it is for me to say it I think Vince Cable is more right than Blair,BREXIT may never happen. That is until the EU eventually splits into 2 under the weight of its own contradictions which is a matter of when not if.

    May will not last beyond the summer and until she gets sent packing there will be no progress in the so called BREXIT negotiations and unless the Conservatives wake up and appoint a young ,telegenic and effective leader they are doomed to be a party of old buffoons who look and sound like Jeremiah and Methusla rolled into 1.

    Should there be an election Labour will not get the easy ride they got last time assuming a new Conservative Leader and if the Conservatives had any sense they would look into Momentum and dig very hard into Jeremy Corbyn’s background and affiliations along with his deputy and of course Emily Thornberry.

    The BBC could and should be privatised along with the selloff of Channel 4 before any election is called so that left wing bias is eliminated and people like John Humphries , Jon Snow,Michael Crick and others lose their ability to make trouble.

  2. Isn’t Mr. Blair forgetting that the majority call in the Brexit vote was out? Just maybe it doesn’t matter that the EU are prepared to meet us halfway.Tony Blair handed his job over to a man with no inkling of how to lead because Blair was looking for either a position of President of Europe or had been looking to be the first president of the UK. As always his party left the country in a mess of a high National Debt because labour like to borrow to spend. I don’t consider him a top class statesman, in fact I think he indulged his wife a little too much with a say on how things should be, especially over the human rights act which allowed Hamsa ‘The Hook’ to stay in the UK far too long with appeals to the European Courts. We should have been allowed to send him to answer charges in the US …..after serving time for any crime committed here.
    Demob Summer holiday mood it may be for the Tories but the same goes for all the other parties, none of whom should have a Summer break the length they do,they’re not schoolchildren no matter how they behave sometimes in The House.
    If another election has to be called because there’s a lack of confidence in Theresa May then we’ll have to abide by the vote but I’m quite sure that Corbyn is not an adequate replacement for her and the country will suffer as a result. Blair is not the man to come back though in his place.

    • Thank you for sharing your views.

      Actually Corbyn and some of his shadow cabinet are touring Conservative marginal seats this Summer. Don’t you think the Conservatives are rather on the back foot at the moment?

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