What is ransomware and how to protect your precious files from it? | The Conversation

If you use a computer with internet access, this article is simply a must-read. In the wake of the recent attacks, The Conversation reports two cybersecurity experts explaining how ransomware works.

Source: What is Ransomware? | World Economic Forum

Although not a techie, I managed IT departments for many years, and I made similar arguments in a recent blog entitled ‘Pros and Cons of the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud – Dummies.com’. Let me restate:

If you’re a serious techie, there are perhaps other and cheaper solutions ( than branded software) but they can be time-consuming and risky. Non-techies shouldn’t be ‘penny wise and Pound foolish’. Can you deal with dozens of computer security threats and risks, like trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, scareware etc.?

The recommendations in the ransomware article make sense. Don’t be an idiot, follow best-practice advice, otherwise chances are sooner or later you’ll regret it, big time.


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