AC: What sleeping in AC does to your body – Times of India

TOI Building, Mumbai

TOI Building, Mumbai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Français : Publicité pour le journal dans les ...

Français : Publicité pour le journal dans les rues de Mandawa (Shekhawati) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a useful read for the summer from the Times of India. It argues that the perpetual staying inside such cold temperatures may be relieving you of your sweat-fits but is sure not healthy. It explores what happens when you sleep in an air-conditioned room all night.

Source: AC: What sleeping in AC does to your body – Times of India

In the heart of summer in hot climates, increases numbers of people develop complications from AC. The article focuses on:

  • No cross ventilation and lack of fresh air
  • Too cold temperature
  • Dryness
  • Sense of perpetual fatigue
  • Breathing difficulties


One response

  1. Dr Alf brings us an interesting post but there is an answer to the sleeping and working in air conditioning problem.

    Air conditioned air produces positively charged ions which creates the sophorific state that the Times of India article refers to.

    The answer is carefully positioned ionisers which produce negatively charged ions to counteract the effects of the positively charged ions.

    In my earlier worklife at GE Capital I used to sit in an air conditioned office overlooking Piccadilly Circus in London.

    I would walk down to Trafalgar Square in my lunchbreak and early in the morning before work and stand by the fountain. Fountains,waterfalls and fast running waters produce negative ions thus refreshing what would otherwise be a tired person and kick starting them into activity.

    In Florida where I lived for a number of years in my earlier married incarnation I improved the sleeping arrangements with ionisers and attractive paddle fans to move the sultry air conditioned air.

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