Opinion – Barely functioning Maybot clunks into the summer recess | John Crace | Politics | The Guardian – John Gelmini

As Dr Alf says it is time for the 1922 Committee to have a quiet word with May or better still her husband.

As things stand neither May or Davis are taken seriously by Barnier the EU negotiator who has every intention of stalling the negotiations and extracting massive amounts of money from the UK Treasury. May will not survive the Conservative Party conference and the 1922 Committee need to find a young telegenic ,”streetfighting” replacement for May instead of maintaining the pretence that she can remain ,sack disloyal colleagues and carry on.

If they persist in this illusion Corbyn and his “Red Guards” are ready and the Conservatives and the country are doomed.

The rot as in Stalin’s statement about fish starts in the head and then moves downwards to afflict the rest of the creature so for everyone’s sake May must go along with the rest of her geriatric and useless Cabinet of also rans.

John Gelmini

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