Opinion – Jared Kushner’s explanations on Russia reveal a man wholly unsuited to his job | US news | The Guardian

The Guardian reports that Kushner’s statement raises new questions about how Donald Trump could have entrusted someone with so little foreign policy experience with such a powerful international portfolio.

Source: Jared Kushner’s explanations on Russia reveal a man wholly unsuited to his job | US news | The Guardian

Normally, I keep away from politics in the summer months but this story beggers belief.

But the Guardian article concludes with a powerful sting in the tail:

“If the Kushner family has had zero financial dealings with the Russians or Russian banks, and are willing to open up their books to prove it, then maybe Jared Kushner will be able to put all this to rest,” said Richard Painter, chief White House ethics lawyer under George W Bush.

“But until that happens we have to assume there’s a strong likelihood that when a prominent Russian banker goes to see a prominent member of the Trump transition team, finances will have been part of their discussion.”

For me, there are two important imflications. Firstly, Kushner’s naivity shows serious weakness in Trump’s leadership and judgement. Secondly, the greater the likihood of Kushner and Trump Jr going to jail, the sooner Trump will resign.



One response

  1. No one voted for Jared Kushner or Trump’s daughter and regardless of what they know or knew about foreign policy they should not be intimately involved in the Presidency full stop.

    People in the role Kushner seems to have assumed for himself need to be competent strangers unrelated to Trump and ideally not Bilderbergers either.

    Kushner as a private citizen and businessman can speak to whoever he likes but he is not acting as a private citizen,rather,he is acting as Trump’s alter ego.

    In time we will discover what he and Trump’s daughter Ivanka have been up to but if they have been “meeting Russia” while Trump acts the innocent then all 3 of them need to concentrate on whatever it was they were doing before and Trump must be replaced with Pence.

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