The War of the Chickens is coming – look at the evidence

Forget North Korea, Iran and Russia tweaking Trump’s nose, testing his latest inconpetence, we have seen Europe and America take entrenched positions on ‘chlorinated chicken’, with trade wars and risk of sanctions looming.

According to the emerging evidence, the issue is not so much about safety as hygiene, with US consumers perhaps increasingly duped by hidden practices in the food chain?

Here’s a recap of the media coverage and the prevailing scientic evidence.

In the two camps, we have the North American chicken industry, in favour of chlorinating chicken, and the EU banning the process. Then we have Theresa May‘s government, distanced from the EU, and trying to get into bed with Trump. Because of Brexit, there will potentially be enormous trade wars as the UK is increasingly isolated from the EU.

After all, ask a Frenchman what he thinks of food quality in North America?

Is trade protection about cost, convenience and presentation or is it about health, hygiene, quality and protecting nature? Perhaps, it’s just about geopolitics?


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