Opinion – Why Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious group | Pew – John Gelmini

In this article from Dr Alf, we have been here before.

Muslims have a higher rate of family formation than Westerners in Europe and America for several reasons, several of which are within our control:

1)  They marry much younger and thus at a time when sperm counts are highest and fertility is highest and proceed to have more children than Westerners–typically 4 to 5 well before the age of 25.

2) Their diet, even in the West is healthier because it does not contain pork and in many cases no meat at all and that plus their more intensive use of vegetables, non inbibing of alcohol and non use of tobacco ensures fewer carcinogenic substances in their bodies, higher testosterone levels and fewer endocrine disruptors.

3) Their religion gives them certainty and a belief in their own “rightness”, which makes stress and the feelings of angst and uncertainty that many Westerners feel disappear or feel less troubling.

That reduces stress in comparison with Westerners, many of whom have not taken the trouble to develop an enabling personal philosophy of their own, a process which takes time, study, introspection and application.

4) Westerners with too few exceptions are killing themselves through poor diet, stress, overeating, excessive alcohol intake, vaping, the ingestion of pollution by living in big cities and towns, drinking estrogen laden water from fertiliser runoff, testosterone destruction through exposure to plastics containing substances like Bisphenol A (used as a plastics hardener and present in till rolls, plastic bottles,tins, car bumpers and plastic coat hangers).

Testosterone levels in the West have fallen by 60% since the 1970s and in the UK our replacement rate is less than 1.88 when 2.4 is the level required for racial survival.

Thus Westerners are in effect doing to themselves what the Ottoman Empire tried to do years ago in a series of invasions which our forefathers resisted during the Crusades at great cost in blood and treasure.

5)  Westerners marry, if they do at all, much later, buy houses at a much later age and divorce or separate more readily resulting in long periods of living alone or multiple partners.

A Muslim, even one with several wives has a more controlled home life and is never alone for long.

Research over the years shows conclusively that traditional marriage and stable family life helps you to live longest and that remaining loveless and single or engaging in bizarre and unusual practices or a series of meaningless relationships is life shortening and potentially life threatening

6) Westerners also take “recreational drugs” to enhance their moods whereas in the Muslim community this is much less prevalent.The short and long term effects of this phenomenon can eventually kill you by giving you dementia which in the UK is the country’s number one cause of death having overtaken cancer in 2015.

7)  Certain politicians in the West are encouraging Muslim migration, encouraging multiculturalism and encouraging their own people to deny their own cultural heritage.

Many of these people have bolt holes in warm tax havens and have taken to purchasing/acquiring New Zealand citizenship as a hedge against disorder or insurrection in their own countries.
This adds fuel to the fire and allows people like President Erdogan of Turkey to say “Go to Europe, marry have at least 5 children and it will be yours”.
He is trying to rebuild the Ottoman Empire which the British destroyed with much loss of life in 1918 at the end of World War I.

To paraphrase the old Allied Dunbar advertisement which starts with a man singing “There may be trouble ahead” and ending with the closing punchline “Insurance for the world we don’t yet know”, the West is sowing the seeds of its own destruction by the practices of its people in terms of lifestyle, food, thought processes and wars to seize oil, mineral wealth and advanced technologies.

The wars create influxes of refugees and “economic migrants” and creates a fake documentation industry which subverts welfare systems and impoverishes people in the West except for those financing the wars.

That impoverishment helps to kill off Westerners in a form of genocide by stealth whilst Muslims simply multiply in number.

John Gelmini

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