Americans are too drugged out to work | Daily Mail Online

In a powerful and well researched article, the UK’s Daily Mail argues that American adults are too drugged out to get the best jobs, citing conclusions from a number of independent reports.

Source: Americans are too drugged out to work | Daily Mail Online

Ironically, the downward spiral is accelerating the introduction of technology to further reduce the dependence on unskilled and semi-skilled labour. Also, of course, there are seriously poor people in many parts of the world who are ready to jump in and work hard for the going global rate.

Let’s face it America has long had problems with drugs abuse but the Mail is describing a quantum change. Whilst the epidemic is most visible in North America, the opioid abuse in now a rapidly escalating problem in Europe, especially the UK.

History has a habit of repeating itself. In colonial times, Britain introduced opium to China and created a terrible dependency, now Chinese criminals are supplying opioids to the UK.

Let me ask an open question:

What’s to stop opioid abuse from becoming a global pandemic?


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