Opinion – Attorney General Sessions Announces Opioid Fraud and Abuse Detection Unit | OPA | Department of Justice – John Gelmini

As far as I am aware no organised criminal gang including Chinese Triads, the three different Mafias, India’s O2, the Japanese Yakusa, Yardies, Columbian Cocaine dealers has access to large container ships and cargo planes, so the question is who does?

Dr Alf wonders why the American Government have not been keeping track of the figures?

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency, all keep figures and have armies of Dr Alf’s to do the number crunching, so the figures are available.

A look at the geography is instructive, as is the history.

Drugs from Afghanistan have increased in quantity twelve-fold since the toppling of the Taliban, in 2001, and AI and technological development is going to eliminate 50% of American jobs by 2033. Perhaps this is coincidence?

I tend to think that getting people to poison themselves with drugs is a way to ensure that their jobs, if they have one, can be eliminated, thus doing away with any necessity to retrain people or create jobs.

A war will eliminate more people and generate money for its funders, and with Donald Trump pressing his generals to say that Iran is not complying with their nuclear agreement we can see the seeds of confrontation apart from sanctions on Russia and sabre rattling in the South China Sea.

We know from HSBC that drug money is in the banking system to the point where some financial institutions cannot do without it.

Whether the will is there to stop the flow of opiates is therefore questionable as can be seen by comparing the Singaporean approach to drug dealing with the one in America.

John Gelmini

One response

  1. John,

    I’ve published your post although I struggle to agree with the conclusions.

    Because of the nature of the conclusion, there is probably no evidence in the public domain. So I conclude that this is closer to conspiracy theory, unless you can cite further evidence perhaps?

    The US is still a democracy and I cannot accept that even Trump’s Far-Right leadership would be complicit in the awful deaths of so many American citizens?

    We shall have to agree to differ on this argument.

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