Opinion – Lethal painkiller fentanyl is FIFTY times stronger than heroin and just one gram costs £45 online — as Britain faces an ‘apocalyptic’ future if it does not tackle horror drug that killed 60 in the UK – The Sun – John Gelmini

Politie logo / Police sign in the Netherlands

Politie logo / Police sign in the Netherlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I refer to the Sun article, cited by Dr Alf.

If anyone is stupid enough to fill themselves up with poison on purpose, then they are completely mad.

The authorities who should be doing something about it are as usual asleep at the wheel and doubtless brown paper bags stuffed with untraceable banknotes are being exchanged for looking the other way.

If the material comes from here then why are the authorities not shutting the flow down?

If it comes from beyond these shores then it is likely to come via 1 of 5 major ports which handle containers.

The biggest of these is Felixstowe in Suffolk, which has not been raided for drugs on a major scale in the past 30 years, so the question is ‘why’?

The same applies to Liverpool,Tilbury and Southampton and the Port of Glasgow.

In Holland, the Dutch police have X-Ray machines capable of photographing an entire 50 ton lorry but we in the UK have nothing.

Since 2012 there has been no coastal protection vessel.

Why not?

Dr Alf ponders questions of enforcement and education which are legitimate and logical ways to cut down the problem but there is another area we need to look at which is self image.

People with self image and an enabling personal philosophy do not need drugs because they are “high”
on themselves and the air they breathe.

Fix that problem and stop the nonsense of pandering to “gender fluidity” and alien concepts that are at total variance with Judeo Christian teaching/philosophy and the market for poisonous substances goes away.

However, all these concepts are being pushed by the BBC and the chattering classes along with “fidget spinners” and other mindless activities designed to turn people’s minds to mush.

Again we have to ask why? and, of course, who is behind it and what their motivations are?

If we consider who benefits from a zombified and stupid underclass, then by a process of elimination we can soon see the direction of travel, the “endgame” that is envisaged and take appropriate action.


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  1. John, I’ve published your post. But on this ocassion, I struggle with both the arguments and conclusions. Do you have any evidence to support your assertions?

    Also I disagree with your comment ‘Dr Alf ponders questions of enforcement and education’. I was not referring to ‘education’, I was referring to publically funded treatment (or rehab. programs), which include deployment of alternate drugs to the opiates.

    In another blog, I have identified some of the leading research litarature. See http://wp.me/p1m0kg-dci. There are two core threads, 1. enforcement, and 2. treatment (rehab). Policy makers differ in whether the solution should be (1) or (2) or indeed both threads.

    The reality, as seen from ample US evidence, is that without effective rehab programs, there is quick downward spiral to death.

    Socialists will probably argue that society must pick up the cost of providing ‘rehab’ programs. Those of with more conservative politics will question that the burdon should fall on the state or perhaps the addicts’ families?. For me, those who receive publically funded rehab must pay their time back to the state – ‘how’ is debatable. I question whether addiction should be treated like any other medical condition. I suggest there must be accountability.

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